Oh also I just witnessed an argument in the comments section of a tf2 video about Medic’s accent about how these german guys hated his accent thinking it’s really terrible and one guy was like “he’s from bavaria, it’s actually rly good for an american dude” and they all went “ooooooooooooohhh” and that was the most civil argument i’ve ever seen on youtube

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I’m going to be without a source of income until September. Hence, commissions.


Pencil sketch: $7 / 5€ - extra characters $1 or 0.70€ per character

Animated talksprite: $15 / 11€ - one character per sprite, unless second character is a pet or a child being carried

Lineart, 1-2 characters: $18 / 13€ - extra characters $3 or 2.20€ per character

Shaded lineart, 1-2 characters: $20 / 15€ - extra characters $4 or 3€ per character

Shaded & coloured lineart, 1-2 characters: $25 / 18€ - extra characters $5.50 or 4€ per character

Digital painting, 1 character: $40 / 30€ - extra characters $10 or 7€ per chatacter


I can also do traditional paintings in ink, gouache or acrylic and send the original by mail as needed, but the price of those will need to be negotiated case-by-case.

I take Paypal, or, if you’re in Finland, bank transfers. I will not ask for payment before the commission is finished.

Still open for commissions, should anyone want some.

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s-space goat?

Muslim extremist.


Muslim extremist.



Nicki minaj is an excellent and dynamic rapper, lyrically and stylistically, she’s topped charts in a male dominated space, she started from the absolute bottom and knows how to hustle and work her image, I don’t care wether you care for her style of music or not but if you dismiss her as a trash artist I’m gonna heavily side eye you

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I like the scrunchy face of the male nelf /no emote.


What they won’t show you on CNN tonight: Ferguson residents line a parade of roses down W Florissant, leading to where Mike Brown was taken from this world. #staywoke #powerful #insolidarity 

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what the fuck is up with the Japanese sneezing with three syllableswho has time for that


what the fuck is up with the Japanese sneezing with three syllables
who has time for that

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